Invest in Furniture & Invest in your Child’s Imagination

Invest in Furniture and Invest in your Child’s Imagination

As your young child explores their surroundings around the home, they are developing their imagination along the way. It is important to invest in supporting your child’s imaginative development. However, you want to do this in a safe, secure, and reliable manner. One of the best ways to do this is to invest in solid furniture around the home. Early childhood furniture and storage products from Jonti-Craft are extremely reliable and reputable.

When your child has an atmosphere and environment of organization, neatness, and quality, their imagination and motor skills will develop in a similar manner. In the early years of your child’s development, it is super important that they have access to things that will stimulate their mental growth. This can include things like arts and crafts supplies, such as drawing and painting. Simultaneously, these activities develop your child’s gross and fine motor skills as they are picking up pencils and paint brushes and exploring their grip and hold on these as they draw.

In terms of imaginative development, toys and playhouses are fundamental for children. Having these stored away neatly in a Jonti-Craft storage solution is an excellent idea. You can teach your child from a young age that they can play with these toys, and then put them back in the assigned shelf or box. When children play with toys, they enter a world of imagination. They create characters, personalities, and storylines for the toys. They act them act with physical movement and speech that they give each toy. This progresses their speech development in amazing ways.

Jonti-Craft products come in a variety of shapes and sizes to address all your storage solutions for your child’s toys, games, and arts and crafts product. The way that these products are built mean they are sturdy and safe for your child to use.

Some top products form Jonti-Craft to set up in your child’s play space around the home include the following.

Jonti-Craft Utility Cart

This product is a three-tiered trolley with spacious shelves. Your child can store their arts and crafts supplies on these and have easy access to everything they need. Even better, the wheels allow easy mobility and it is designed at a perfect height for kids. This means your child can wheel their supplies around to their desired work space for the day.

Jonti-Craft Low Single Mobile Storage Unit

This piece of storage furniture is ideal for younger children, aged three and below. It is an ideal height so that kids can reach the toys and object stored in each spacious cube. It can hold a 340 piece set of unit blocks comfortably, with ease of access.

Jonti-Craft Mobile Storage Island

This is a fantastic organizational and storage system to implement in your child’s play space. It involves a mobile island that has three roomy shelves on one side, while the other side has two shelves and twelve cubbies. This is the perfect way to have your child’s toys, craft supplies, and games at easy access. It is easy to store things away again with this feature.

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